Friday, May 9, 2014

A Bead Soup Preview

I'd like to show you the box of goodies I received from Val Tilghman, just to whet your appetite.

What's in the box?

Part of this is in the presentation...which I didn't realize until I'd sent my batch out. Val really outdid herself.

There's a little taste of Georgia in the box. I've dipped into this for iced tea already....

Look at all the sweet little baggies!

These were in the big red burlap bag--kind of an extra bonus, but just might work themselves into a design or two. I love the recycled sari silk. And the titanium coated crystal. And those tree discs want to be earrings.

Here's the main event--copper beads and tubes, and paper beads from Janice Mae...

Shell pearl faceted beads, and recycled glass--probably African. The clasp and focal (bronze/copper) are handmade by Val from precious metal clay.

So there's what we have! Tune in tomorrow to see what I managed to make with some of it!

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